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Striking Backpack


Fully Customised Backpack

These backpacks can have can have any design on the front panel. They can be customised in the same way our other products can.

We can take your shirt design and adapt it to fit, or come up with something new and unique.

Backpack features:

- Large main compartment - ideal for shoe bags and surface maintenance kits
- Smaller front compartment - easily holds accessory bag/box and other smaller items
- Small pocket on top - perfect for storing small go-to items that you might need during play
- Small side pocket - easy access and storage for changeable thumbs
- Side elasticated net pocket - just for your drinks bottle
- 17 litre capacity
- Grey (as in the video) or Black side panels

Purchase here and we’ll discuss the design details via email conversation after check out.

Any question before-hand, please let us know.

Accessories not included!!